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Wayfarers Folk Dance Club

We are the Wayfarers Folk Dance Club. We perform dances from around the British Isles.

We regret to announce that as from September 2021 the Wayfarers Folk Dance Club is calling it a day after 55 years of displaying dances from all around the British Isles . With a heavy heart, we are hanging up our dancing shoes.

The closure of our club is not caused by the Covid pandemic, but the lockdown has given some of our members time to reflect on what we want for the future. Our Group Leader and Secretary are retiring after over 30 years in post, and our Dance Leader after nearly 15 years. Not all the posts could be filled, and also some dancers were retiring, or less committed, and of course there are other factors which came into the equation.

We will miss our show dancing, and especially our exchange visits with teams from overseas. In fact we had been due to visit our friends in Besse, in Germany, in 2020!

Closure of the club is sad, but the group has had a very good run and the current group can go out knowing it had a very good final performance at Milverton Folk Dance Group in March 2020 just before lockdown.

Most of our current and past members will agree that we are grateful to Wayfarers for the many opportunities given us over the years to meet and dance with groups from abroad and experience their culture and warmth of friendship through the joy of music and dance.

We have entertained audiences in middle England and overseas for over five decades.


Wayfarers musicians

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We danced for a modest fee or for the opportunity to “pass the hat”. Funds raised went towards hosting visits from folk dance groups from abroad.

We danced at many different venues including National Trust Houses, Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebrations, Festivals, Women’s Institute meetings and Charity Events.  

We even hosted whole evenings of dance eg at a folk dance club, or a social event.

Wayfarers Folk Dance Club

Founded in 1967.

For more information:

Contact David Hidson.

0121 459 1575